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How to Increase the SMS Limit on Android

Written By LuckyLacky on Saturday, April 30, 2011 | 8:23 PM

In Google Android phone you've a limit of messages you can send. You cannot send more than 100 SMS in a hour using your Android power phone. But now there is a tweak available though which you can either increase the SMS limit or you can just remove the limit. 

Thanks to matthenry87 from xda-developers for this great tweak. To apply this tweak either you have either you have to insert some commands in a Terminal app on your Android device or from your computer using adb. After using this tweak you can increase the limit of sending sms from 101 to a new limit or simply you can remove the limit.

How to Apply This Trick:

    Open Command Terminal and enter the following:
    adb shell
    sqlite3 /data/data/
    Then you’ll see: sqlite>
    Then enter the following to alter the limit
    INSERT INTO gservices (name, value) VALUES(’sms_outgoing_check_max_count’, 101);
    (change 101 to your new limit)
    I didnt try altering the limit so I hope it works for you guys.. but I can confirm this next one works. It completely turns off the limit altogether.
    To turn off the limit enter:
    INSERT INTO gservices (name, value) VALUES(’sms_outgoing_check_interval_ms’, 0);
    It worked right away for me.. (SMS Bomber >)) Id reboot to be safe.