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The Best Google AdSense Alternatives – Making Money with Blog

Written By LuckyLacky on Sunday, May 13, 2012 | 6:26 PM

The easiest way to make money with the websites or blogs that we build is through pay per click advertising. The best one for pay per click advertising program is google adsense or google advertising. Pay per click program is still the best and widest network that allows our blogs or websites to put relevant advertisements. But today in this article is for who have not tried any monetizing methods to make money online from blog or website other than Google AdSense. For who’s getting disabled on their adsense account by google and for who have tried to apply for Google AdSense but never succeeds.
Just remember that there are other options for pay per click ad programs and they are growing more numerous. There are a host of other AdSense alternatives available on the net to making money with blog and some of these may run in conjunction with AdSense. Check out the links below for full reviews on all the available google adsense alternatives, they are:
  1. Yahoo Publisher Network. The Yahoo Publisher ad programs work by analyzing your blog content and then checking their library of ads for ones that closely match contextually. This program have a minimum payment of $100.
  2. Chitika advertising network. Most popular of pay per click program especially for U.S. traffic but if your website open by visitors out from US may be the ads will not show. If your blog or website receives more U.S. traffic in other countries, probably this is more chance of winning than others. Your search term has based advertising to fill the blank space in the larger screen with an advertisement gives you the opportunity to increase their online revenue. Chitika offers payments to your PayPal account and this is the best other for adsense alternatives.
  3. Kontera. This is not normal like the ad network similar to CPC above all else. His intext advertising network as Infolinks. PayPal offers payment of the minimum payment threshold of $ 50.
  4. Infolinks. This is another text in the advertising program as Kontera. PayPal offers payment and minimum payment limit is 50 USD.
  5. Adbrite. This program is specifically designed to sell advertising space on his blog and website to make money from it.
  6. Bidvertiser. A CPC another advertising network that gives the payment in your PayPal account.
  7. Text Link Ads. This program allows you to sell text links and in text links to your blog or web content.
  8. Clicksor. The other text ad in the program as Kontera and Infolinks.
  9. BuySellAds: Specially designed for buying and selling advertising space on blogs and websites. This is different from AdSense as CPC program is like trading platform for ad space on blogs and websites where prices and costs are decided by the seller and the buyer each time base.
  10. TribalFusion. Better repayment program, but requires very large base visitors per month.
The number of adsense alternatives are growing daily. What program is good for you depend on you blog contents and your blog traffic, so just give them a chance and choose best online making money program through your own blog or website.